Cows in the Fog and Other Poems and Stories

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Cows in the Fog and Other Poems and Stories is a journey into pastoral life. The writer paints pictures of country landscape, weaving in poignant feelings with rural honesty. Many of the poems are romantic, and celebrate the beauty of mountains, valleys, brooks, and trees. The author shares his thoughts as he is confronted by a variety of animals.

S.T. Haggerty philosophizes in his own distinct voice in these 45 poems with feeling, inspiration, and humor. He allows readers to bond and feel present with him, using eloquent plain speech, vivid imagery, and clever metaphors.

In this collection to be enjoyed by all ages, Haggerty touches on a remarkable variety of themes. Each piece flows smoothly as he recalls childhood memories on a dairy farm, ponders the gift of friendship, and contemplates truth in his personal experience. The poet’s memory of people who have touched his life are heartfelt. He also offers a country memoir, witty quotes, and a comical short story.