Author: Stephen Haggerty

Always Running Late. Norman Rockwell’s Pressure Cooker.

When Norman Rockwell walked into his kitchen in West Arlington, Vermont, where he lived from 1940-1953, he would scoot past the stove if the pressure cooker confronted him. The way the steam hissed as it escaped through the cover’s valve made him nervous. Our family friend Marie Briggs was his cook/housekeeper then, and relayed this […]

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Norman Rockwell’s Key to Professional Longevity

One of Norman Rockwell's keys to long-term success was avoiding the hot air balloon phenomenon. I've learned much about Norman Rockwell while researching my forthcoming book, NORMAN ROCKWELL'S MODELS, In and Out of the Studio, which will be published by Rowman and Littlefield on February 15, 2023. I'm continually impressed by the humility America's favorite [...]
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New Printer Works Every Time!

New Printer. Cable Connect! Works Every Time! Fantastic! I wrote in one of my blogs how I struggled to get my printer, connected to Wifi, to print when I needed it to. Actually, after awhile, it wouldn’t print at all. I learned many people had the same problem. I had to chuckle when one old […]

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My Foray into the Electronic Age, The Ecstasy and the Agony

I debated whether I should be vulnerable and write this piece describing the nerve-wracking  experiences I have endured during our electronic age. When I told my writer friend Jeff, he warned me, “There will be some young folks who won’t understand your problems at all. They’re lightning fast on the computer.” Even though those youths […]

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My Friend is Sick of the Word “Grab”

Again in Memory of Andy Rooney. A co-worker named Donald came up to me recently and said, “Aren’t you sick of the word ‘grab.’ Everyone says they’re going to ‘grab’ something these days. ‘Grab lunch…grab some paperwork…grab my kids.’ Why  do they need to grab everything?” A look of astonishment covered his face. (For God’s […]

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