Fishing for Social Media Followers

When I began expanding the social media campaign for my upcoming book about Norman Rockwell’s Vermont models, a troubling image came to mind. I pictured myself sitting in a small motorboat just off the seashore, wondering where in the world to cast my line. I felt overwhelmed by the vast ocean. I was aware that […]

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Writing Call Me Norman. Comfort at a Time of Loss

One of the neat things about conducting interviews in Vermont for my book Call Me Norman, The Stories of Rockwell’s Beloved Vermont Models, is that I renewed old friendships and made new ones. This came just when I needed it because we had just lost Charley Bentley, who had been my family’s closest friend in […]

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About S.T. Haggerty’s Newspaper Article with Thomas Rockwell

Tom Rockwell, a model for his father Norman Rockwell, graciously spent time with S.T. Haggerty, giving him information for this exclusive story. Tom inherited his father’s artistic talent but used it to write seventeen children’s books, including the classic, How to Eat Fried Worms, which we discussed for this article. Buddy Edgerton, a model who […]

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Call Me Norman Featured in the New York Post

Newspapers and media people are intrigued by the upcoming book, Call Me Norman. The Backstories of Rockwell’s Beloved Vermont Models. Author S.T. Haggerty worked with the New York Post, to give them a description of how his book was conceived and written and to provide insight into the artist’s iconic paintings. He provided photos and […]

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My Trip in Search of Fine Foliage Photos

Morning photo of field of amber wheat. Former Norman Rockwell Home in West Arlington, Vermont Kelly Stand Road, East Arlington, Vermont In search of the spectacular photo, last Sunday I drove into heavy fog as I began my trip from Dutchess County, New York on Rt. 22. I hoped it would dissipate so that sun [...]
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